Alexis Barbeau Designs Collection 2021-2022

Custom fine jewelry capturing the beauty of the ocean and nature

14k gold custom nautical pendant

Nautical Collection for 2021-2022

Living in Boca Raton, Fl, nautical fine jewelry designer, Alexis Barbeau creates exquisite gold and silver designs inspired by the ocean’s natural beauty. For over 39 years, my award winning nautical jewelry designs:

  • Capture the reflection of a brilliant diamond because it is placed into a unique setting of a coral-inspired ring
  • Require a careful, precision carving of wax models into organic nautical shapes holding selected, sparkling colored gemstones
  • Bring to life the beauty of the marine life I experience when scuba diving, into designs for you to wear and enjoy


Whenever I jump into the magic of the tropical blue ocean, my adventure begins.  This passion for the sea and its creatures flows into creating beautiful, graceful shapes for wearable nautical jewelry. Being underwater on a tropical reef with rainbow-colored fish and delicate hard corals is to enter another world.  As a result, it is this world I incorporate into my nautical jewelry designs, including:

  • Wonderful sea creatures (seahorses, mermaids, starfish, and marlins) set with diamonds and colored stones into custom wedding rings
  • Textures of flowing seagrass or encrusting coral capturing amazing shapes thereby transforming them into earrings and pendants
  • Tahitian pearls gathered from tropical lagoons with a twilight reflection of a full moon rising over calm seas
  • A remaking of no longer worn precious stones and gold into new, custom wearable designs for yourself or as gifted heirlooms

,In sharing the beauty of what I experience, I am also focused on the preservation and protection of our oceans. I donate a portion of my sales to the Ocean Conservancy, Reef International, and the Coral Reef Foundation.    Three non profit groups engaged in the study of scientific education and ocean conservation. Come along on my journey. Let me know how can I help you? Special custom orders are welcome. Order online now or visit my booth at one of my juried national fine art shows.


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